Designer Baby Clothes

A family person knows that money is a valuable resource, especially for those who have children. Save the budget – make purchases of goods on online platforms. What is the benefit? In the internet shops, goods are cheaper than in traditional stores due to no need to allocate funds for salaries to a large staff and, most importantly, to pay rent.

Experienced mothers usually have their favorite brands and trusted sites, but even they are always on the lookout for something new. What can you say about people who do not often buy children’s clothing on the Internet? They definitely need help in this matter.

That is why we have created this site. Here you can find a list of the most reliable and trusted stores, as well as a list of fraud stores.

Evaluation Criteria for Designer Baby Clothes Stores

What are the criteria for choosing an online shop of children’s clothing?

  • assortment (one brand or many; – presence of a favorite brand or designer, only clothes or shoes and accessories are also presented);
  • trustworthy (original brands, not fakes, transparent transactions, possibility of returning or exchanging goods);
  • work of the customer support service (the ability to get adequate advice when choosing a product);
  • ease of use and pleasant design of the site;
  • availability of promotions, discounts, mailings, gifts to regular customers, etc.

We and site users are constantly working to supplement and upgrade of the list. To do this, we carefully monitor the work of stores, track reviews about them and ratings, compare with our data and check the accuracy and honesty of the information.

We are working hard to make this rating as objective as possible. Each store is evaluated by both our employees and visitors to our site.

Who are we?

Glad to meet you, dear visitors! We are a team of like-minded friends in search of truth and reliable sellers. Our leader, founder and ideological inspirer Michael, gathered around him same interested people and now we together achieve our goals.

Due to the large number of regular visitors, online stores often turn to us for advertising purposes. We refuse everyone! We want to emphasize again – our site is purely informative, we do not engage in advertising and do not cooperate with shops and manufacturers of children’s clothing.

The objectivity of the information contained on the site is for us the main criterion for the quality of our work.

Designer Baby Clothes Basic Wardrobe for Girls

Children grow quickly, they have to change clothes often. When the weather changes, the mother is in tension: what if the jacket from last year is already small? It is important to periodically revise children’s clothing, note that replace in the near future, in order required clothes beforehand. Remember the need to combine things with each other – then the child will look beautiful and stylish. The purchase of sets will facilitate the task of selecting compatible clothing.

The child’s closet is full of clothes, but there’s nothing to put on? This happens if a lot of things of the same type, not compatible, something is missing. This problem is solved by collecting a basic wardrobe by the rules. It includes perfectly sitting quality things for every day. This is the basis of any image:

  • Several sets of linen. The linen is thin and insulated;
  • 2-3 t-shirts. White and other colors;
  • Shorts, capris, skirt. Classic models will do. Pick up skirts for different seasons;
  • Several sweaters. It is convenient if they are different: a kangaroo, with buttons, with a zipper;
  • Turtlenecks, sweatshirts. A pair of pieces will be enough;
  • 3-4 pairs of tights. Choose models of different colors and densities;
  • Light pants and warm. When choosing, focus on different weather: warm, demi-season, cold;
  • Outerwear. Windbreaker and raincoat, warm autumn and winter jacket;
  • Hats. A minimum of three is required: a summer panama, light autumn-spring and winter;
  • Shoes for different temperatures. Sandals, shoes, sneakers, insulated boots.

Note to parents! Choose tights from natural fibers with the addition of elastane – such models hold their shape better and are easier to put on. Winter option – with the addition of wool.

Pay particular attention to the comfort of basic things. Do not chase the trendy and ultramodern. Give preference to classic comfortable models. Choose neutral colors (white, black, beige) and a couple of those that most advantageously present the appearance of the child.

Forming a Basic Wardrobe for a Boy

Each age has its own basic clothes, but certain things are always worn. For every day the boy needs:

  • Several sets of linen. 3-4 T-shirts and 5-6 swimming trunks.
  • A pair of turtlenecks. Indispensable in cold windy weather. Choose dark and light.
  • 2-3 sweaters. One light and two warm, matching in color with turtlenecks.
  • 4 pairs of trousers. Two light and two warm.
  • 4 shorts. Two for summers and two for denser on cool weather.
  • A pair of tights and a few pairs of socks. Pick up dark tights, warm and thin socks. For older boys, get thermal underwear.
  • Outerwear. For different weather, you need a windbreaker, a jacket for plus temperature and for frost.
  • Hats. Summer cap, autumn-spring cap or hat, winter hat.
  • Footwear. Sandals, shoes, sneakers, boots, winter boots.

When getting the order, try on clothes and shoes, make sure that the child in it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Identify a couple of colors that are most suitable for the boy, and buy basic pieces of clothes in such colors. In this case, do not forget about the basic white and black.